Symptoms of Cataract

Symptoms of Cataract

Symptoms of Cataract

  • August 18, 2020


If your eye lens is turning clear to cloudy, then you are at an increased risk of cataract.

Some of the symptoms of a cataract are mentioned below:

Cloudy days : Cataracts start small and may have a slight effect on the vision. Everything can look slightly blurry, and this effect will increase over time.

No more wild nights : When the cataract starts to advance, they can turn into yellow or brown tinge. It will affect night vision, and certain nighttime activities like driving can become difficult. Make sure to not drive if you feel your vision is compromised.

The glare of bright lights : Light sensitivity is common with cataract patients. The problem can be painful especially for those who have posterior subcapsular cataracts. These types of cataracts can affect reading vision.

Halos everywhere : The lens clouding can result in the diffraction of light that enters the eye. It can result in the halo to appear around the light sources. Rings around light can form in different colors that make it difficult for you to drive.