Lasik Eye Surgery

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Lasik Eye Surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab: LASIK which is known as Laser- assisted in situ keratomileusis is a surgery used for removal of glasses, contact lens. This surgery will cure your refractive error of eyes like myopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness or hyperopia and cylindrical errors of astigmatism. This surgery is totally pain-free and your doctor needs 15 minutes to treat both eyes.


Why is LASIK done?

LASIK surgery is considered as the best option to correct one of these vision problems:

– Nearsightedness (myopia)

When the eyeball is slightly longer than normal or when the cornea curves extremely sharp, the light rays focus right in front of the retina and this results in blurry vision. The person might be able to see the things which are near but not the ones which are far away.

– Astigmatism

If the cornea flattens or curves unevenly, this results in a problem named as Astigmatism. The patient with this condition is not able to focus on distant and near objects clearly.

– Farsightedness (hyperopia)

When you have a cornea or a shorter than average eyeball which focuses behind the retina instead of on it directly. This problem makes distant and near vision blurry.

Consult your eye-care professional if LASIK is correct for you. Make sure to clear all your doubts or concerns with the doctor.

The Benefits of LASIK Eye Treatment

The main advantages of LASIK surgery are mentioned below:

    • For about 25 years, our Center has been giving world-class eye health care to the patients.
      Around 96 % of people are able to preserve or restore their eye-sight.
    • LASIK surgery does not result in discomfort following the surgery.
    • Bandages or stitches are not used in the surgery.
    • Your doctor will alter it if your sight changes when you age.
    • The best part of undergoing LASIK surgery is that it reduces the need for contact lenses &
      glasses and some patients do not use it all.
    • Getting LASIK at our eye center will benefit you your entire life. Brar eye centre is developing
      and supporting the next generation of leaders in eye care to get the best treatment approach for patients. For more information, book your appointment today only.

What to do to prepare for LASIK Operation?

You need to follow some instructions before the surgery-:

    • Don’t use them for at least 3 weeks before testing if you use strong gas-permeable contact lenses.
    • Should not wear any contact lenses for at least 3 days until the evaluation.
    • During the day of the procedure, taking all the necessary or prescribed medicines before consuming a light lunch.
    • Do not wear any make-up on eyes or heavy hair extensions, which may influence the location of your head. When this morning you don’t feel good, ask your doctor’s office what you can do.
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    LASIK Eye surgery procedure

    LASIK uses an excimer laser i.e. an ultraviolet laser to remove the corneal tissue-thin layer. It allows the cornea to have a new shape, and light can focus on the retina. LASIK is an outpatient procedure that takes around 10 to 15 minutes for each eye. The eye doctor uses an eye drop to numb the eye surface. You will be awake throughout the surgery but you won’t feel any pain.

    For the procedure, a flap of corneal tissue is created, which is pulled back. It allows the excimer laser to reshape the corneal tissue present beneath it. It won’t get completely separated from the cornea because of the hinges on the flap. Brar Eye Center, eye doctors use the safer and improved type of laser i.e. femtosecond to create the corneal flap.


    What happens before Lasik surgery?

    • The doctor will take your thorough exam which will tell whether this surgery should be done or not.
    • While taking the exam your ophthalmologist will ensure that the surface of your eyes should not have the risk of dryness after the LASIK surgery.
    • The person who wants to get this surgery should stop wearing contact lenses before the surgery because the lenses can alter the natural shape of your cornea and can affect the result of the procedure.
    • A corneal topographer is an instrument being used to create a detailed, point by point map of the shape of your cornea. Also, wavefront analysis of your cornea will be done to achieve the best result.
    • Numbing eye drops doctors put in your eye for any sort of problem during the procedure. Also, they give you medication so that you can relax.
    • A lid speculum is being used to keep your eyelids open during the surgery. Also in front of your eye, a suction ring is applied to prevent any kind of eye movement of contact loss.

    What to expect after Lasik surgery?

    • You cannot drive after post operation, some else will drop you home or the person who will come with you because you will face some blurry vision or haziness after the surgery.
    • You have to visit your doctor after a day and he will decide whether you can drive or not without specs.
    • Make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes because there is a nano chance of dislodging the flap until it heals properly.
    • After the surgery is done follow the instructions of your doctor and take medicines prescribed by the doctor.

    Need a Second Opinion?

    Are you or your loved ones experiencing changes in vision or any other eye-related issue? If yes, then visit us and get your eye examined and start the treatment for a better tomorrow.