C3r Treatment

What is C3R?

C3r Treatment In Ludhiana, Punjab: C3R or Corneal Collagen Non-surgical treatment is advised because the development of keratoconus can be halted or slowed down. Keratoconus is a severe eye disease marked by the slow thinning of the cornea, triggering vision loss. Treatment complications worsen the illness which may often have a significant effect on the vision of the individual.

What is the Non-Surgical C3R Eye procedure?

LASIK C3R is the most current innovative non-surgical therapy for Keratoconus, intended to improve the crosslinked collagen strands by utilizing UVA and riboflavin eye drops. The mix adversely impacts the cornea which makes it difficult to avoid corneal thinning growth. Treatment of any eye requires typically about an hour. Contact lenses for post-C3R diagnoses are inserted onto the eye and sealed with an antibiotic bandage. The contact lens should, therefore, be removed within a day or two. With C3R therapy, most patients suffering from Keratoconus are suitable. Nonetheless, patients may need alternate therapy in place of Keratoconus.

Why do you need to undergo the C3R treatment?

Lasik C3R therapy offers many benefits to individuals who are suitable for this technique. Having opted for Cross-Link or C3R therapy provide several advantages:

    • A non-operative procedure with no pain or stitches.
    • It does not require any follow-up or hospitalization.
    • Healing process is faster and patients will resume his/her everyday life.
    • The disease stops and does not require a corneal transplant.
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    Why choose the Brar Eye Care centre for C3R Treatment?

      • Treatment with Modern approach
        At the Brar Eye Center, in our clinic in Punjab, we have the finest C3R care in India. This operation is possible for patients with Keratoconus at Brar Eye Care. The doctor diagnoses and decides if C3R is the best option for a person. We deliver Ludhiana’s finest C3R treatment utilizing the most modern equipment and physicians.
      • Experienced and trained doctors
        Not only this, but we also have an experienced and trained team of doctors, who will treat you
        accordingly to your eye condition and level of problem. You just need to fix an appointment to
        meet our specialist. They will first examine your condition to know the reason behind this

      • Providing you the best treatment possible
        Only then offer you the best suitable treatment, so that you wouldn’t experience any problem
        again in the future. Here, in our eye care centre, you will get the best facilities, because we value your health as well as money. So, don’t hesitate to contact us with eye problem treatments.
      • Book your appointment
        Please don’t hesitate to visit us or email one of our extremely trained surgeons to receive more information regarding C3R eye treatments in Ludhiana or about our C3R operations expense in Ludhiana.

    Need a Second Opinion?

    Are you or your loved ones experiencing changes in vision or any other eye-related issue? If yes, then visit us and get your eye examined and start the treatment for a better tomorrow.