What is the ideal time for the person to have a cataract surgical procedure?

Cataract surgery

What is the ideal time for the person to have a cataract surgical procedure?

  • June 29, 2021


Cataract treatment – Surgical Procedure

As per the Best Eye Specialist, it is believed that there is no eye drop or medication that has been proven to reverse or prevent cataract formation. To make sure you are properly informed about what treatment plan you need, visit the best Eye Hospital In Ludhiana. In case, the cataract is leading to nearsightedness or changing the individual prescription or new prescription sunglasses then it will help in improving the blurred vision. The best and the most surgical option for cataracts is the surgical removal of the natural lens.

When should I get the cataract removed?

Cataract removal is not merely dependent on that it is present. In many cases, cataracts will lead to blurred vision, affect the daily regime, and make it difficult for you to enjoy your daily life. For such cases, the individuals should not undergo the surgery for cataract removal.

What are the factors which tell you that you need to consider cataract surgery?

Here are the scenarios in which the individual need to consider cataract surgery:

  • The blurred vision which makes it difficult to read signs or print when you drive
  • Disabling glare when you drive at night
  • Problem enjoying various hobbies like card games, knitting, and crocheting.

In simple terms, if the individual with a cataract has blurred vision which is making it difficult for them to manage their daily life, then a surgical approach should be considered.

What if I need cataract surgery for both eyes?

Well! That is possible to do so, both not at the same time. The doctor performs the surgeries a week apart. Our eye doctor will never suggest you get the surgery done at one time. There are high chances that complications will occur which affect both of your eyes, like a severe infection.

How much should the contract be developed before you plan to have surgery?

The cataract should not be RIPE before you plan to get it removed. The cataract will only and only be safely extracted from the eye unless it is present at the relatively advanced development stage.

Due to the advanced technology and treatment, it is possible to do cataract surgery when the cataract is at the initial development stage. You can say that the more you wait the harder the cataract will become. If it is at the advanced stage, then a firmer or more developed cataract will have a problem removing it.

Specifically, in some cases, it is important to get the cataract removed sooner as compared to later. You mustn’t undergo cataract surgery unless the problem of blurred vision is caused due to cataract.

Do not wait for a long time to get Cataract surgery

There is no denying the fact that if you wait for a long time to develop cataracts the problem can lead to increased intraocular (inside of the eye) and inflammation. Due to the increased pressure, it will lead to glaucoma.

So, in such a case, you must get the cataract removed so that the problem does not lead to vision loss due to glaucoma or inflammation. Make sure that you get access to the best health care services from the best team of eye doctors.

Make the right decision

On your end, you must make the RIGHT DECISION. You should never delay the situation and consult the eye doctor at your earliest.

Cataract surgery

Everything you should know about the cataracts and its treatment

  • May 29, 2021


With an increase in age, cataract problems are commonly experienced by people. But the timing of when you get afflicted with cataracts quintessentially depends upon the lifestyle. Cataracts are formed with the hardening of the clear lens. And when this happens, they become cloudy. The symptoms of cataracts are not the same with every person.

So as you may guess, that today we are going to talk about cataracts:

How can cataracts come into origin?

Cataracts come into origin if:

  • You ever suffered from any kind of the eye injury
  • You take several kinds of the medications
  • You have diabetes
  • You spend a lot of time in the sun

Does every cataract-bothered patient need to undergo surgery?

According to the best eye specialist of the Brar eye care centre, not every person who is suffering from cataracts needs to undergo a surgical procedure. The doctor will only recommend you with cataract surgery, your quality of life is getting affected because of the vagueness in the vision.

Which points should you consider before undergoing cataract surgery?

  • Is the cataract problem making your daily life worse?

Point to note

The vision requirements of a professional vehicle driver are completely different from IT professionals.

Usually, the people with cataracts complains encounter the following problems:

  • Difficulty in driving ( As the individual fails to focus on the road)
  • Difficulty in reading and writing ( In this case, the vision keep son getting hazy when you attempt to write or read something)
  • At what rate do cataracts progress?

The cataracts progress at a very slow speed. But in the rarest case, the speed may be a little rapid.

For example, patients who have suffered from an eye injury, are prone to get afflicted with cataracts within a few weeks or months.

  • Can glaucoma and cataract together bother the patient?

If you are diagnosed with both cataracts and glaucoma, then you are at risk of getting suffered from a variety of diseases. Sp the doctor will surely recommend you with the cataract surgery, as it can help to lower the pressure exerted on the eyes.

Important information

If the doctor diagnoses your glaucoma to have progressed in an advanced stage, then you may have to undergo both cataract and glaucoma surgery simultaneously.

Does delaying the cataract surgery cause a negative impact?

You can delay it for a short period like 1 or 2 weeks. But you should not be delaying it for so long like the months and years. The reason behind this is the hardening of the cataract as time passes. The hardened cataracts are too difficult to be removed.

Bottom Line

If you experience any abnormality in your vision, then you should not ignore it. As the progression of eye diseases can lead to permanent eye damage. But you should make sure that you are consulting the well-qualified and trained ophthalmologist as he has the skills to speedily rehabilitate from the particular problem.

Cataract surgery

Cataract Surgery – Preoperative measures & Expectations from the procedure

  • April 28, 2021


This blog is going to be, for all those patients who are looking forward to cataract surgery. According to the best eye specialist, when the patient is approaching the eye hospital in Ludhiana, he should be keeping the relevant expectations.” Many patients expect a lot more than what the procedure can provide and because of that the patients often come up as disappointed. So you are suggested to read the below-mentioned information carefully.

Will the hospital provide any transportation facility?

The eye hospital only provides the transportation facility of the patient si qualifying any of the following credentials:

  • If the patient is declared medically unfit to travel to the hospital.
  • If the patient is not having any alternative means to reach the procedure.

What will happen on the day of the surgery?

  • Expected hours for a hospital stay

The patient can expect to stay in the hospital for absolutely 23 to 6 hours. According to the doctors, the patients should reach at the appointed t=ime since it gives the doctors sufficient time to do all the checkups.

  • Not more than one attendant…Please!

Because of the covid restrictions, we only permit one attendant with the patient.

  • Use of the salty fluid

Cataract surgery usually requires a lot of salty fluid as it will help in clearing the cataract from your eye.

  • We won’t make you undress

We do not make our patients go undressed but we do suggest they wear loose clothes. But the salty fluid sometimes drips on the neck and your clothing will get wet. So we would like to suggest that you must carry a spare shirt with you.

  • Aids

Do not forget to bring the following materials if you use them:

  • Hearing aids
  • Inhalers
  • About medications

Do not obstruct the dosage of your usual medications, unless it is suggested by the doctor.

  • No makeup

When you are approaching the surgery, make sure you neither have applied the makeup on your face nor you are wearing any kind of ornaments.

  • Normal dietary routine

You can follow the normal healthy dietary routine unless the doctor has instructed any changes in that.

How will the surgery take place?

  • Primary check-ups

When you reach the hospital, you will be required to undergo several medical check-ups.

  • Anaesthesia

Before commencing the procedure, the anaesthesia will administer you with the anaesthetic eye drops to make the eyes completely numb.

  • Draping

The doctor will drape the adjoining areas to ensure cleanliness.

  • Do not talk

You will be prohibited to move your lips and the nurses will help you with the signs with which you can communicate with the doctor in case the surgery is coming out to be disconcerting.

  • Noisy room

Since the doctor is coordinating with the staff members, the OT could be noisy.

  • Duration

The surgery is usually completed within 15to 20 minutes, but in the rarest cases, it could get extended to 45 minutes.


If you want to take the cataract surgery from the experienced doctors with the best approaches, then please count on us.