Which are the best vision supplements to boost your overall eye health?

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Which are the best vision supplements to boost your overall eye health?

  • August 13, 2021


Many studies have pointed out the fact that the right amount of nutrient intake helps to delay or prevent eye problems & disease. For a better understanding of what to do and how your eye health will be protected, you need to visit the best Eye Hospital In Ludhiana. Indeed, consulting the Best Eye Specialist means you will get accurate information on what kind of vision supplements you have to take and avoid.

Vision Supplements in the form of Multivitamins

Before you start taking any supplements, you need to get the green signal from your eye doctor. This will make sure that your body and eyes are getting the right amount of nutrients. Neither excess nor less of anything benefits the body. Here is the recommended dietary allowance which an individual can take:

  • Vitamin C

Men: 90mg

Women: 70 mg

(During pregnancy 85 mg and breastfeeding 120 mg)

  • Vitamin E

Teens and adults: 15mg

Women during Pregnancy: 15mg

Women during breast-feeding: 19mg

  • Beta-carotene


  • Zinc

Men: 11mg

Women: 8mg

(During pregnancy: 11 mg and breast-feeding: 12mg)

  • Thiamin

Men: 1.2mg

Women: 1.1mg

(If pregnant or nursing then 1.4mg)

  • Folic acid

Adult: 400mcg

For pregnant women: 600mcg

For breastfeeding women: 500mcg

  • Zeaxanthin


  • Selenium

Teens and Adults: 55 mcg

(For women during pregnancy: 60mcg and breast-feeding: 70 mcg)

  • Calcium

Men: 1000 mg

Women: 1200 mg

(above-mentioned ones are for women above 51 years and men above 71 years)

To look for the best supplements which benefit your health, you should schedule a consultation with the doctor.

Check the labels!

If you look at the labels while buying the food then use the same approach when you are looking for supplements.

  • Always check the expiry rate
  • Always get the sealed product. If the seal is broken don’t buy it.
  • Always get the product from the reputable manufacturer
  • Always consider organic supplements or look for better quality ones.
  • Always avoid supplements with fillers or which have several products added to make it look the same as the best one. Intake of these will prove problematic for the digestive tract.
  • Always look for the FDA-approved supplements as it means they are as per the required standards.

Is it okay to take more than the required dose of vision supplement?

For individuals with a high risk of eye condition or your present state is very serious, then intake of high-dose vision supplements is okay to prevent the condition. Many studies have also pointed out the fact that intake of a high dose of antioxidants helps in reducing the risk of vision loss, or advanced-stage macular degeneration.

Always consult the medical expert

Before you start taking any supplement, you need to talk to the doctor. Like for the women with pregnancy, nursing, or individuals already taking medications for health issues need to get approval from the doctor to start taking any kind of vision supplement. Stick to the dosage as recommended by the doctor and you will notice an improvement in your vision. If you have any doubt, then get in touch with our doctor.