The must-have knowledge on the cost of the Lasik (Refractive error correction) Surgery


The must-have knowledge on the cost of the Lasik (Refractive error correction) Surgery

  • August 17, 2021


We have received many queries in which the patients are willing to ask about the cost of the LASIK laser surgery. According to the best eye specialist who is practising in Mitra Eye hospital and the LASIK laser centre, the famous eye hospital in Punjab, “ The eventual cost of the LASIK surgery depends on so many factors. These factors are greatly responsible to ascertain whether the ultimate cost will be INR 5000/- or it may range in the six-figure amount.”

In today’s blog post we intend to acquaint you with all such factors which play a great role in determining the eventual cost of the surgery.

Please Be Aware!

There are so many Lasik Laser Centres in India, which do not make use of the medically safe equipment but still, they can make a fool of the people by charging them surgery fees which ranges between INR 25000/- to INR 45000/-. Man people fail to understand the clever tactics of the fraud doctors who charge the same amount for carrying out the LASIK surgery as the reputable clinics do, but they offer you the following:

  • Poorly Maintained Lasers
  • Re-Use Disposables


Before commencing with the surgical procedure, the patient has to undergo the following tests, which determines whether the patient is an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. Apart from determining the eligibility, these tests prove to be immensely helpful when the LASIK surgery is taking place:

  • Pupil size in dim light
  • Topography
  • Cycloplegic refraction
  • Pachymetry
  • Dry eye test
  • Wavefront analysis

The foundation of the costs

The cost of the Lasik surgery heavily depends upon the following:

  • The type of technology that is being used for the accomplishment of LASIK Surgery
  • The expertise of the surgeon

Did you know?

There are two things for which the tests are done:

Quantitative part

This part helps the doctor to get the idea of whether the patient will get the 20/20 or 6/6 vision.

Quantitative Part

This part helps you to get an idea of whether the procedure is safe for the patient or not.

What is the cost of LASIK surgery at Brar Eye Centre?

At Brar eye centre, the doctors do not provide the patients with the cost of the procedure until they carry out all the tests and know if there will be any complications if the surgical procedure will be performed.

Within the package of your cost, you will get the following benefits as well:

The hygienic atmosphere

As eyes are the most sensitive organs of the human body. Any treatment which is to be carried out on these should be done with the utmost hygiene otherwise the chances are that the person may suffer from the permanent or irreversible kind of blindness.

The best aftercare

As we know that LASIK is an outpatient procedure, but still patients have to spend a few hours or even 1 hour in the clinic or the hospital to be able to come to their senses and go home. For such services, we have maintained a great system.


What are the common eye problems? How can you prevent them?

  • May 21, 2021


Today, we are going to discuss the most common eye problems which you can get treated at Brar eye care hospital.

So let us begin:

  • Cataract

In case you encounter foggy vision or halo lights, then you are surely suffering from cataracts. These cataracts cloud the lenses which interfere with the light that must reach the light-sensing cells through your lens.

How can you prevent cataracts?

You can prevent cataracts by following the subsequent measures:

You should make sure that the UVB and UVA light must not enter your eyes. For that, you should take considerable measures to protect your eyes with the lenses.

Do not smoke. As there have been many reported cases, in which the individual only suffers cataracts because they are habitual of smoking.

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

The retina is accountable for the transformation of the light into the signals which are to be processed by the brain. If you are a diabetic patient, then you can surely develop this problem as this condition is accountable for making your retina swell. Along with that, you may also suffer from the problem of leaking or overgrown blood vessels, intense pressure on the eyes, blurring, flashes and flatters.

How to prevent this?

You can prevent diabetic retinopathy by taking the following measures into account:

  • Visit your ophthalmologist to undergo the dilated eye exam at the latest once in a year.
  • Try to take some important measures into account for regulating your blood glucose and blood sugar.
  • Macular degeneration

When the blood vessels start growing in the macula, then it becomes difficult to carry out the activities which require concentration like driving, studying and seeing faces.

How can you prevent this?

To prevent macular degeneration, follow the subsequent tips:

  • Do not smoke as it makes your eyes weak.
  • Do not miss exercising regularly.
  • Regulate your blood pressure.
  • Control your cholesterol levels.
  • Eating green vegetables and fresh fruits can help you prevent this condition.
  • Glaucoma

There is a fluid that fills the hollow of the eyes. If this fluid becomes excessive in quantity, then the exerted pressure may damage the optic nerve of the eye.

Tip to prevent

Regular visits to the eye doctor ensure that the excess fluid is not getting filled in the space of the eye.

  • Refractive Errors

The importance of the correct shaping of the eyeball, lenses and cornea lies in the refractive capabilities. If these components of the eyes will not be shaped right, then the rays will not effectively land on your retina. If the light does not fall effectively on the retina, then vision problems may come into existence.

Following are the different kinds of refractive errors:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

An important tip for prevention

The refractive errors can only be treated if they get diagnosed at an early stage. So make sure you are relying on regular visits to the ophthalmologist.


What are the factors which determine the cost of LASIK surgery in India?

  • May 13, 2021


To run the best eye hospital in Ludhiana comes with a lot of responsibility and making sure the concern of patients are addressed. One of the common questions asked to the best eye specialist is ‘How much does the LASIK eye surgery cost?’

First of all, it is important to know that there are different types of LASIK and sometimes patients can undergo any of it. No doubt, LASIK is an ideal choice to live a comfortable life without the need of wearing glasses. You need to make the right choice when it comes to your eye health and safety. Do not compromise on any step and always take assistance from the best eye doctor to get to the right place.

Factors to determine the cost of LASIK surgery

The expertise of the surgeon

Without any question, this is the first thing which you need to get information about. Even before the initial consultation, you need to check the surgeon’s experience from his website, check patient reviews, and the surgeon’s profile. This way you will have an idea about whether it is worth considering that surgeon or not.

When you go for the initial consultation, make sure that you are comfortable with him to talk about your issues. In addition, he should also listen to your doubts. If this is one the case, then you need to choose someone to get the best LASIK eye surgery. Make sure the surgeon is confident enough and has a proper understanding of how to do the LASIK surgery.

Latest LASIK surgery machine

There are different types of LASIK surgery offered by the eye centre. This includes the conventional LASIK, Topography guided LASIK, wavefront-guided LASIK, SMile LASIK, and many more. Just make sure whatever the options they have it needs to be advanced and provide you with the results you are looking for. If the surgeon is not aware of the latest treatment options, then you will be wasting your money.

Eye hospital location

The hospital or clinic should be safe and they should follow all the necessary safety standards to provide the best treatment to patients. In case, they do not have their place to do the surgery and you need to visit somewhere else, then it is not worth getting treatment from them. You need to choose the surgeon which provides you treatment in one place so that there is not any hassle.

Treatment cost

Keep in mind, even if you have to pay slightly more to get the treatment, there should not be an issue. This is because the advanced treatment and expertise of the surgeon will provide you ultimate results and the right solution to your issue. Make sure that you consider everything and do not make the cost the sole factor when you are planning to get the treatment.

If you are looking for an experienced surgeon who knows in and out about the latest treatment plan then you should consult our eye expert to get the treatment for improved eye health.