Refractive Errors and their correction through LASIK, PRK, LAREK and LTK

Refractive Errors and their correction through LASIK, PRK, LAREK and LTK
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Refractive Errors and their correction through LASIK, PRK, LAREK and LTK

  • March 22, 2021


Because of the disfigurement or displacement of the cornea, refractive errors may come into existence. The adverse effect of these errors is that they do not allow the retina to precisely focus on the light and as a result ends up creating imprecise images on the retina. According to the best eye specialist of the Brar eye care hospital, if the individual is facing blurry or hazy vision, the possible cause can be the problem of refraction. In case, you are experiencing even bits of blurry vision, you should instantaneously visit an eye hospital in Ludhiana, Brar Eye Care.

Types of refractive errors

  • Myopia

Myopia is also known as nearsightedness which comes up with either the excessive bending of the cornea or the exaggeration of the distance of the eye from front to back. Because of which the distant objects are not seen clearly as a result of the blurry emergence.

  • Hypermetropia

This refractive error comes into existence when owing to the extreme flattening of the cornea, the image commences getting focused behind the retina instead of in the front. So because of that, the near objects appear to be quintessentially blurry.

  • Astigmatism

When the objects appear to be blurry or hazy irrespective of the distance.

  • Presbyopia

When the eyes are not more strengthful to switch the focus from one object to another, it creates a blurry vision whenever the direction of the pupil is changed.

Procedures of vision correction


We are not unaware of the recognition and popularity of LASIK Surgery. The quintessential reason behind the success of the same is the ever-lasting solution for the correction of the shape or structure of the cornea.

  • PRK

PRK is an acronym for Photorefractive keratectomy. This procedure aims at reshaping the exterior layer of the cornea after the termination of the tiny tissues.


LASEK is an acronym for Laser epithelial keratomileusis. This procedure is considered a combination of LASIK and PRK surgery. In this stratagem, the laser focuses on ameliorating the structure of the cornea after the surface of the corner is expanded by using the alcohol solution.

  • LTK

This procedure is the need of the day since its less invasive nature helps in rectifying both the problems of hypermetropia and astigmatism. By taking up this procedure, one is assured that there will be no risk for eyes getting afflicted with any kind of infection since it’s a no-touch special feature.

How will you determine whether you should be taking up the vision correction procedure?

  • If you are not under any clause of the bond, that refrains you from taking up any surgical or particularly refractive error correction procedure, then this surgery is not for you.
  • If you have any kind of eye disease, then the doctor will not suggest you take up the same.
  • Being an adult ( above 18 years) is a necessary condition to undergo this procedure.