How is eye checkup for your tiny-tots carried out at Brar eye care Clinic?

How is eye checkup for your tiny-tots carried out at Brar eye care Clinic?
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How is eye checkup for your tiny-tots carried out at Brar eye care Clinic?

  • March 18, 2021


Do not be surprised, the infants also need to get regular eye check-ups particularly if they are born before the 34th week or there is a family history of eye ailments specifically cataracts. According to the best eye specialist, “Not only the babies which do have the complications with their birth and the family history of the eye ailments should undergo the eye checkups. But all the infants are to be taken to the eye hospital in Ludhiana to make sure that their focus of the eyes is correct, the pupils are in a straight direction and no internal eye disease is present.

What is the importance of the eye examination during the first year of the baby?

If the eye diseases would be detected at an early stage, then the early treatment will help to cut the complications.

What are your responsibilities of being a parent?

Being a parent, you should be very conscious of the activities of your children. Because none other than the parents will help to detect the eye ailments at an early stage.

For example: If you see that the pupils of the eye of children are suddenly shifting one position to another without the intention of the child, then it is the condition that you ought to report to the ophthalmologist.

Which are the conditions that indicate that you should immediately take your ward to the ophthalmologist?

Following conditions signifies that there is something wrong with the vision of the external structure of the eyes of your children, so you should instantaneously take your ward to the doctor:

  • Strabismus

Strabismus is the problem of your eye in which the eyes are not properly aligned.

  • Nystagmus

If particularly after 3 months of the child’s birth, the parents experience that the eye pupils are either jumping or wiggling, then do not delay to visit the nearest ophthalmologist at that particular instance.

  • An eye injury

Sometimes, eye injuries become the preponderant reason for the loss of vision or disfigurement of the eyes. No sooner the eye injury occurs than you should visit your doctor.

Who carries out the eye examination?

In the cases of infants, either the family doctor or the paediatrician can carry out the eye examination tests. They also help to treat the children if they are suffering from any sort of eye infection.

What should the parents expect in the eye examination in the initial year?

First of all, it is relevant to mention here that to ensure that your baby feels comfortable during the eye examination, you should bring along the favourite toy or snack for him.

Following credentials are checked during the examination:

  • A penlight exam
  • Eye movement check
  • Light reaction test


The experienced ophthalmologists at Brar eye care help you with the best eye check-ups for your tiny tots. The checkups are not only cost-effective but these come up with precise results.