Why should you not wait for a long time to get cataract removal treatment?

Why should you not wait for a long time to get cataract removal treatment?
Cataract surgery

Why should you not wait for a long time to get cataract removal treatment?

  • March 5, 2021


Do you know?

A cataract is the most common reason behind blindness. Many people do not even realize that they have severe vision issues. Consulting the best eye specialist on time will help you realize whether the cataract needs to be removed or if the condition is getting worse. Visiting the best Eye Hospital In Ludhiana will give you timely assistance on what is best for your condition.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is a condition in which the natural lens of the eye gets cloudy and the light enters the eye. Due to this condition, the vision becomes blurry. This condition slowly shows its effect. In this condition, things will appear less bright and the vision will get worse at night.

Although the symptoms are painless and gradual, you might not realize that cataracts have reached the advanced stage. You should not let it reach the condition that surgery is the only option.

As the condition gets advanced the complications will increase the lens is not in a stable state. Undergoing the surgery will even increase the risk and outcomes won’t be the way you want. In all, the cataract removal surgery should not be delayed at any point.

How cataracts are treated?

Cataracts are best treated only with the surgical approach. If your vision is getting affected, then you need surgery. If the cataracts are dense, then they also need to be removed and there might be certain complications with this situation like glaucoma. With this condition, the patient’s vision is lost permanently. Within 30 minutes you can undergo the treatment and on the same day, you can come back home.

Modern approach for cataract treatment

The modern approach for cataracts is termed phacoemulsification. In this, a small incision is made on the cornea edge which makes it soft and the cataract is removed. The incision is precisely made with a femtosecond laser and the lens is held with the central opening. A cataract is easily removed through the cracks.

Implanting the Intraocular lens

An Intraocular lens (Artificial lens) is implanted right after the cataract removal and there is no need for stitches as the wound heals on its own. The advancement made is this approach has improved the success rate. The patients get better vision and their quality of life is improved.

Choosing lens

The final choice about the lens should be made by determining the patient’s existing health condition, and state of the eyes. Proper consultation with the doctor will help you determine which lens will be best for your eyes.

Modern and advanced treatment helps to reduce the pain & discomfort during surgery. The recovery is much faster and you can get back to your normal regime within a few weeks.

Do not avoid the urgency of the surgery

You might not realize it, but avoiding the situation will make everything too late. It is best to get a regular eye examination from an eye specialist. On-time treatment will make your eye vision better and you will live a quality life.