What are the causes & precautionary measures of the headaches & eye strain?

What are the causes & precautionary measures of the headaches & eye strain?
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What are the causes & precautionary measures of the headaches & eye strain?

  • January 23, 2021


It is a most common phenomenon that one may go through severe eye strain even if they have been using glasses or lenses. This is not because that Eye Hospital In Ludhiana has given you the wrong prescription. It is because of the various activities that are leading to the perpetual exposure to the computer screen. Glasses and lenses may cause headaches when they are getting adapted to your eye muscles. This commonly comes into existence in the case of new prescriptions. If in case, you encounter eye strain then have a glance at the ensuing points.

What is the meaning of Asthenopia?

Asthenopia is actually a medical term. This medical term is used with the connotation of eyestrain. Eyestrain is a medical condition of the eye in which the muscles of the eyes become too tired. It can take place owing to a variety of reasons:

  • If you are traveling for long hours, your eyes may become tired of watching the road all day long.
  • If you are studying and preparing for the exam that is going to take place the following day, for the whole night, then eyestrain may take place. It takes place that your eyes may emerge sleepy or swell up.
  • If you are gaming or doing work on the computer, then the light of the computer screen may make your eyes tired.

How does eye strain take place?

It brings about because of the stressing of the ciliary muscles. These are the muscles that are very smooth and gentle. Their origin is in the middle of the eyeball.

These muscles tend to become congested when the individual faces the problem of eyestrain.

How can the problem of eyestrain be corrected when one is getting it while using the computer?

It is most commonly encountered because of eyestrain. Because of the digitalization, use of mobile phones and computers has increased immensely. If one is encountering severe eye strain while using the computer or mobile phone, then one should use glasses with high-grade quality and that too has an anti-reflective coating.

What are the preventive measures for eye strain while one is using the computer screen?

Following preventive measures have proved utmostly beneficial when one is working on the computer screen for long:

  • One most effective way is to get bifocals that may have negligible prescription.
  • One might think of the ensuing measure as the distractive one, but it may help you to extend your working hours. It is suggested that you should get your eyes off from the computer screen once every fifteen minutes. Then try to see a distant object. It will give relaxation to the ciliary muscles.
  • It is advised to change the angle of the eye with which you are watching the computer screen. By doing so, your ciliary muscles will not let you go through eye strain.
  • Perpetual exposure to the computer screen will make the eyes immensely dry. To prevent that, there is a precautionary measure. According to it, try to blink your eyes at least ten to twenty times in a row. That should be done once in every twenty or thirty minutes.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing eye staring despite following the above mentioned precautionary measure, visit a trained and qualified ophthalmologist.