What are cataracts and what precautionary can be taken to avoid the same?

What are cataracts and what precautionary can be taken to avoid the same
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What are cataracts and what precautionary can be taken to avoid the same?

  • December 30, 2020


As of now, there are many cases reported of cataracts. It is deemed to be one of the major causes of blindness. But to cure that, there is a surgical procedure by which one gets rid of this i.e Cataract Surgery. But if one wants to avoid the surgery then one must follow some precautions prescribed by the Eye Hospital in Ludhiana.

  • What basically a cataract is?

When one encounters a very blurry vision, then it is the indication that an unwanted guest has entered your eyes.

  • How does it happen?

It happens when protein in the eyes break down and cluster together which may create a blockage in the eyes and may weaken your vision. If it is not cured at the right time then it may cause indefinite blindness. It is an affliction that evolves slowly. So there are high chances that it will not be diagnosed at an early stage.

  • Symptoms:

-Blurry vision

-Sensitivity to dazzling lights

-Recurrence of halos and rings

-Double vision

-Frequent swapping of power of the eye

  • Who is affected by cataracts?

Following people are affected by cataracts:

Cataract is a natural phenomenon in people who are 50 or older. Because cataracts and age are relational.

-Cataract can also be caused in case of accidents.

-Many children are facing issues of cataracts ever since their birth.

  • What are non eye factors that contribute to getting closer to this disease?

Following are the factors that are non-ocular but they indirectly affect the eye:

-Long time exposure of eyes to radiations that are harmful to eyes.

-Consumption of steroids

-Addiction to Smoking and Alcohol


  • How do cataracts affect our eyes?

Following are the effects that cataracts cause in our eyes.

-Gradual weakening of our eyes

-Increased complications of eyes in our day to day lifestyle.

  • How can cataracts be treated?

Cataracts can be treated in the following ways:

-In early detected cases, it can be cured using eyeglasses.

-Moderations in our regular lifestyle.

-If one is facing too many complications in daily activities then one must undergo a very safe and low-cost surgery which is ‘Phacoemulsification’. For added precision, one can use a completely optional Femtosecond Laser.

-Cataract surgery is the most reliable and performed surgery in today’s times.

  • How to modify your daily routine to avoid cataracts?

-Modification in diet

One must do modifications in the daily diet. One can begin by avoiding junk consumption in the daily diet.

Protection from Ultraviolet radiation

One must protect the eyes from the high brimmed rays of the sun by shielding them by wearing Eyeglasses.

Final Thoughts

Addiction to prescribed medicines, smoking, and consumption of alcohol in liver-damaging amounts are the contributory factors of encountering cataracts.