How to choose the right eye doctor and hospital to undergo Lasik Surgery?

How to choose the right eye doctor and hospital to undergo Lasik Surgery?
LASIK eye surgery

How to choose the right eye doctor and hospital to undergo Lasik Surgery?

  • April 8, 2021


Without eyes, we cannot live our life to the fullest because we won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. No doubt, sometimes these problems regarding eyes pop up for which the individual needs to consult the best eye specialist. But still there arises a question of which eye hospital in Ludhiana is the best to take the LASIK surgery.

  • Required training for the Lasik

As we all know that Lasik is a corrective surgery for which those candidates are deemed suitable whose vision has gotten unclear and to see the objects they have to wear whether the contact lenses or the spectacles. Since this is an invasive surgery in which the surgeon has to deal with the sensitive layers of the eye, it is essential on the part of the individual to check whether the surgeon has required experience in this field and that is 2 years.

  • Certifications

The LASIK surgeon predominantly deals with the cornea which is the threshold of the eyes and is responsible for forming an image in the retina. So the surgeon who has been certified in treating that preeminent front portion of the eye is considered best for Lasik surgery. So when you are on your journey to find the right doctor or clinic to take up the LASIK surgery then you must consider this point as well.

  • Accreditation of the hospital

Make sure the hospital which you are choosing or even shortlisting is licensed and authorised to perform the surgery.

  • Scientific credentials of the doctor

The doctor who will perform the surgery should know the other LASIK related procedures like Relax smile.

  • Experience and the skills

All of us have visited a renowned hospital for once. And what is common with these recognized hospitals is that they have hung their achievements on the wall. So with this you get to know, which milestone does the hospital have completed and what do they specialise in. The same is the case with eye hospitals. Whenever you shortlist the eye hospitals for LASIK surgery, make sure that the achievements of the doctors and their certifications are there to build faith that you are handing your sensitive organ in the right hands.

  • Latest technology

Lasik surgery is a procedure that is gaining a popular pace among the people. For these reasons, the doctors and technicians are working to ameliorate the procedure and the technology. sO whenever you visit the doctor, ask him about the technology they will be using and what approach they would take into account.

  • Infrastructure

Not only the technology matters, but you should also take into account whether the infrastructure of the hospital is up to date and if they are considering the importance of hygiene or not.


Maintenance of hygiene and strict compliance to the Covid guidelines is essential for eye hospitals. Otherwise, the infection or virus could make its way into the eyes of the individuals.