COVID measures being followed at Brar Eye care for diagnosis and treatment

COVID measures being followed at Brar Eye care for diagnosis and treatment
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COVID measures being followed at Brar Eye care for diagnosis and treatment

  • May 19, 2021


Covid-19 has been observed to cause considerable harm to the eye if it is allowed to enter our eyes through negligence. Covid tends to attack the mucous membrane which is present at the surface of the eyes. According to the best eye specialist, “The people should visit only that eye hospital in Ludhiana which is following the required measures to prevent the virus. Otherwise, the infection could get spread during the diagnosis or the check-up stage.”

So why should you visit Brar Eyecare?

You can trust us because:

  • For us, your protection is our priority.
  • We follow all the guidelines issued for the doctors.
  • We take all the necessary precautions into account while diagnosing or treating the patients.
  • We provide the patients with the required education which will help them to protect their eyes from the virus.

Important fact

Neglecting eye care increases the chances of permanent and incurable vision loss.

What to do?

The eye patients who have somehow developed the infection are continuously rising. To make sure you are not among them, kindly schedule an appointment with us.

How are COVID-19 threatening eyes?

The eyes can get the infection if:

  • You touch the eyes without washing your hands
  • You wear contact lenses
  • You are using non-prescribed eye drops.
  • You are letting the contaminated drops of water or any other fluid enter your eyes.

Which COVID safety measures are followed at Brar eye care?

To ensure patient safety, we make sure that the staff is adept in the subsequently mentioned practices:

  • Sterilization
  • Hygiene

Besides, we keep on regularly sanitizing our property to corroborate that no virus causing bit remains on the surface.

Should I delay my eye treatment during this pandemic?

If you are afflicted with the following mentioned conditions, then you should not delay the treatment, since it will lead to the worsening of the problems:

  • Glaucoma
  • Retinopathy
  • Corneal

Should I go for cataract surgery?

You should surely go for cataract surgery because timely treatment is required to prevent the vision loss consequences. Cataract surgery has been known to reduce the following instances:

  • Hip fractures
  • Car accidents

Who is at risk of getting developed with a serious eye condition?

If you are suffering from glaucoma and retinopathy, then you are surely at the risk of developing a serious eye condition. So the early detection can be extremely helpful to avoid permanent damage.

Please follow the measures!

The Brar eye care professionals want you to follow all the necessary precautions which are necessary to avoid infecting eyes with the virus. Make sure you’re having a shield to wear that could prevent your eyes from getting encountered with the virus. Also, the regular raining of eyes with water is not necessary since the water can be contaminated which may make your eyes suffer. Also, you are suggested not to use mobile phones or sit in front of the TV all day long as it will affect your vision.