When is the right time you should book the consultation with an eye doctor?

When is the right time you should book the consultation with an eye doctor?

When is the right time you should book the consultation with an eye doctor?

  • March 27, 2021


‘EYES’ is the door to see the beautiful world! From joy to sorrow you can experience every emotion through the eyes. So, your eye health must be in the right state always. Not only that, it is linked with the brain which helps in visual recognition and connects it with other body parts. This is the reason, it is essential to get assistance from the best eye specialist. You should book your consultation from time to time with the best eye hospital in Ludhiana. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and going for regular eye check-ups is important to look for any problem with the eyes.

Why is regular eye-check up necessary?

Eyes tell a lot about your health and they can even tell about the early signs of health issues. Majorly it includes diabetes, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other factors. If you go for a regular eye examination, it helps in checking the problem on time and the complications will be avoided. So, when you should get the eye examination? ‘ONE comprehensive eye examination every year.’

Apart from that if a person has major health issues, then they need to get an eye check-up more often. Especially, if you diabetic or over the age of 40, then you need to consult an eye specialist. You must keep track of your health and if you are noticing any unwanted symptoms, then consult the doctor at the right moment. Schedule the appointment in these situations:

  • Constant headache

If you have a headache now and then, you need medical assistance. Headache is related to different eye problems like glaucoma. If you get the routine eye checkups, then major issues are found and compilation is addressed on time. People who work on computers daily get headaches because of the eye being pressurized.

  • Vision issue

You may have vision issues like eye strain, increase in floaters, double vision, halos around light, or any other issue which could mean that your eye health is not right. It is important to treat them on time before the problem becomes severe. In case the detached retina is not treated then it would result in vision loss.

  • Eye pain

Excess use of mobile phones and computers is the main reason for eye pain. In case, you are experiencing the problem for a long time, then consult the doctor right away. It is one of the signs of dry eyes which is treated through medications.

  • Frequent Squinting

It means you attempt to focus on blurred images that are present in front of you. You must get the problem checked on time. The doctor might suggest you get an eye examination and tell you to wear a contact lens or pair of glasses.

  • Diabetes

Diabetic people need to pay extra attention to their eyes and it is one of the body parts which get affected. If you don’t pay attention to your eyes, then it is important to consult the eye specialist right away.