What is the modern and advanced technical approach to vision correction?

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What is the modern and advanced technical approach to vision correction?

  • January 6, 2021


Advancement in technology has led to considerable and result-oriented cataract surgery. Eye hospital in Ludhiana makes use of advanced techniques and technologies if one is experiencing issues regarding eyes. One of the most talked-about ways of vision correction is the Implantation of a multifocal lens.

What is the connotation of multifocal lens implantation?

 In our day to day lifestyle, one is quite sure to experience the rays of computer and mobile phones. These are the gadgets known to affect our vision. If our vision is affected then we can take the help of glasses (Specs) and Contact lenses to see clearly. What if one does not like to wear spectacles or glasses and feel fearful and discomforted while wearing contact lenses. Then there is a solution named Multifocal and toric lens implantation. This implantation helps one correct vision.

What is the desideratum of multifocal toric lens implantation?

 Not only because of the exposure of computer and mobile phone rays that one’s vision is affected. Vision is affected by contributing to age. With the increment in age many eye-related problems come into the light:

  • Filmy or cloudy vision
  • Reduction in dark time (night) vision which is followed by a reduction in day time vision.

Apart from that, the following factors are responsible for reducing vision:

  • Smoking
  • Perpetual exposure in UV Rays
  • Health issues like diabetes

The above-written factors are highly responsible for contributing to a reduction in one’s vision.

How is this process undergone? 

To give one relief and keep comfortable during surgery, one is injected with anesthesia. This surgery is quite invasive. Firstly your lenses which are filled with cataracts are taken out. The latter stage involves the process of fitting the multifocal toric lens in your eyes. This fitting is done behind the iris and pupil. The outcome of this surgery brings about a clear vision.

What will you experience after taking up this process?

  • Right after the surgery, the patient is not allowed to drive. It is advised to seek help from a family member, relative, or friend to drive you home.
  • You will be given special eye drops which you should never give a miss in any case.
  • The protective eye shield is the predominant and difficult post-surgery care part. According to this, you should wear these shields before going to bed.
  • Do not use a mobile phone or watch T.V for early healing.
  • Do not miss any post-surgery appointment with your surgeon. One must be very particular about the instructions given by the doctor.
  • One must take care of the proper timing for the medication consumption.


Final Thoughts

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