What is LASEK surgery and does it help the patient to get satisfying results?

LASEK surgery
LASIK eye surgery

What is LASEK surgery and does it help the patient to get satisfying results?

  • October 19, 2020


What is LASEK Eye Surgery?

LASEK eye surgery or Laser-Assisted in Situ Epithelial Keratomileusis is a variation of LASIK. This includes the creation of a thin epithelial flap with an alcohol solution and this is created with the microkeratome during laser vision to correct the LASIK. It helps in fixing flap-related issues. Once the flap is created, the surgeon removes the corneal tissues underneath it. Once it is removed, it will be replaced and smoothed. Make sure to get in touch with the best eye doctor for the latest and improved treatment for cataract surgery in Ludhiana.

Who is a good candidate for LASEK eye surgery?

LASEK eye surgery is recommended to the patients with thin cornea as it helps to protect around 160 microns from the corneal tissue as compared to the LASIK procedure. Keep in mind, the laser vision correction is an off-label which uses the excimer laser. It means it has not got approval by the FDA. But it is considered as the best option for many patients to correct the vision.

A suitable candidate for LASEK is someone with healthy eyes and age 21 or more. The patient must have changes in the prescription for eye care. LASEK helps to correct the low to moderate amount of Astigmatism and nearsightedness. However, in some cases, farsightedness can also be corrected. The most satisfactory results can be seen with a patient who wears glasses or contacts all day long before undergoing the treatment.

Increased demand for LASEK procedure

LASEK procedure is performed commonly as it helps the patient to feel satisfied because of the final goals. If you are facing vision issues then get in touch with our eye specialists who are committed to giving the patients the best treatment and vision care.

Improve the vision with LASEK

LASEK has become the best option for patients who want to get rid of their contacts or glasses. This technology is extremely precise and it helps to get the desired results. The procedure is quick and most of the patients get the benefit they need from the procedure.

Your eye doctor will tell you how you can be free from wearing contact lenses or glasses. According to the evaluation, the doctor will let you know what type of procedure you need to get and a customized LASEK procedure will be given to you. 

Improved technique

LASEK along with refractive procedures has changed with time. The technology and techniques are getting improved with time which helps in getting accurate and better results. Also, the complications are less. The most important part is the patient’s comfort which helps to offer the satisfaction he or she is looking for.