What are the top tips to follow to visit an eye clinic with your child?

What are the top tips to follow to visit an eye clinic with your child
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What are the top tips to follow to visit an eye clinic with your child?

  • November 17, 2020


Many people feel stressed when they need to visit the hospital for a routine check-up. It is important to do little planning and preparation so that the entire process goes smoothly. In this blog, we will take you through the tips you need to keep in mind to visit the eye hospital with your child.


Preparing for the eye clinic appointment

  • First of all, grab as much information as you can & understand what you can expect. On the hospital website, you are going to get detailed information about the treatment & doctor.
  • Talk to them about the eye clinic a few days before, and this way they will be familiarized with what will happen. You can even play the role play at home and pretend to get eye tests & take turns.
  • If your child has additional needs then make sure to talk about them in advance with the clinics which help you to prepare.

On the day of the appointment

Eye clinic’s appointments are long so you should go prepared. It is best to take along with you some books or your child’s favorite toy so that it keeps them entertained. Make sure to keep some snacks along with you to work on their hunger meltdown. If your child wears glasses or takes medications then make sure to bring it along with you.


Child eye care appointment

During the appointment, you will meet different people like nurses, assistants, receptionists, orthoptists, and optometrists. Different tests need to be done to check their eye health. Your child might need to take eye drops, and then you need to wait for a little while

before the tests can be done.

*In some cases, the child might not need any tests. If you have any question in your mind, then make sure to consult the eye doctor beforehand.

Keep in mind, it might be overwhelming to ask different questions. But when you have different questions that include the questions you have prepared and any notes which you think might be important will make everything go smoothly.


After the child eye care appointment

You need to talk in-depth with your child after the appointment. Focus on what is good and maybe anything difficult. Ask questions depending on their understanding and age. Ask questions as honestly as you can. If the vision impairment is diagnosed, then it is difficult to know which questions you need to ask. In that case, you should take the help of the eye expert to know what you need to ask.


Getting after-treatment support

The adult eye care services for transition can start at the age of 11. However, with every patient, it can vary. The young individuals with long-term eye problems to discuss the transition from child to adult services