General Eye Examination


Regular eye examination or general eye examination can help to detect eye problems at the
early stage. Regular eye exams can give your eye care professional a chance to help to correct or make the necessary changes to your eye vision. They can even provide you important tips to take better care of your eyes. The eye doctor will consider different factors to determine how often you need an eye exam that includes your health, age, and risk of developing eye problems.

What is a General Eye Examination?

A General or Regular Eye examination is needed to check if the eye vision is fine and your eyes are healthy. General Eye Examination includes a series of tests that are performed with the latest technology and methods to check eye health. Your eyes need rest as well as proper care. You should go for eye check ups, wear glasses to protect it from dirt, and many more. It is imperative to visit for regular eye-check up to identify the problem at an early stage. Brar eye centre treats the patients with eye defects and provides them with post-operative treatment plans.

How many times does a person need to get a general eye examination?

For any step of one’s life, frequent eye checks are advised. The infant should have his or her vision tested annually during the first three years. An eye test is required each year or two between the ages of three and six. Exams will be arranged when appropriate during childhood and adolescence. At least one test will be done by adults in their 20s every two or four years. Senior tests per single to two years are suggested.

Why are regular eye tests needed?

Depending on general health, age and eye health, an adult or child should visit the eye center for a routine check-up:

  1. To stay safe from most common eye problems like ‘Lazy eyes’ or ‘Squint” children up to the age of 5 needs regular eye testing.
  2. Imbalanced diet and prolonged exposure on screens are the main reasons for vision loss, deterioration, etc. children and teenagers need to take care of it going for regular check-ups.
  3. No matter if you are having good health. Adults should go for eye testing because precaution is better than cure.
  4. Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, ARMD, etc are some problems that arise at the age of 65 or above 65. People who are 65 or above should go for regular eye check-ups.
  5. With a family history of diabetes or genetic eye disorders such as Glaucoma people should go for eye check-ups.
  6. Your ophthalmologist might ask you about your medical history if you are having. Please feel free to speak for the clarity of the doctor.

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