Retinal Detachment: What are the symptoms and causes of retinal detachment?


Retinal Detachment: What are the symptoms and causes of retinal detachment?

  • February 13, 2021


What is meant by Retinal Detachment?

This condition separates the retinal cells from the blood vessels which helps in giving them nourishment and oxygen. If you do not treat the condition on time then it increases your chances of getting the vision permanently affected.

You must consult the best eye doctor at the eye hospital in Ludhiana without delaying a single moment. The doctor will make you aware of whether there is a need to get cataract surgery. This condition will result in some of the warning signs which include the sudden appearance of flashes and floaters along with that the vision is reduced. Make sure to consult the eye specialist on time so that it helps to save your vision.

What are the possible symptoms?

Although the condition is not going to result in any pain. Some of the warning signs which might appear before the treatment has advanced are:

  • From nowhere you started seeing floaters. These are specks that seem to drift away from the visual field.
  • The occurrence of light flashes in one or both of your eyes. It is known as photopsia.
  • Blurred vision
  • Over the visual field, you will notice the curtain-like appearance
  • With time the side vision gets reduced

When do you need to consult the doctor?

You must get medical attention without delaying a single instance. Do not avoid the occurrence of unwanted signs & symptoms at any cost. Bear in mind that it is the condition that can result in permanent loss of your vision. When you can get the right care, what is the point in delaying the treatment?

What are the causes of retinal detachment?

Retinal detachment is of 3 different types

  • Rhegmatogenous (reg-ma-TODGE-uh-nus)

Rhegmatogenous detachment is one of the common conditions which happens due to the tear or hole in the retina which allows the fluid to pass through & collect underneath the retina. From the underlying tissue, the retina will be pulled away. With age, you may encounter this problem. The blood supply will be stopped to the eye which results in permanent loss of vision.

  • Tractional detachment

Tractional detachment when the tissue growth is found to be the retina surface. Due to this, the retina will be pulled away from the back of your eyes. The occurrence of this condition is seen in people who have severe issues of diabetes or other medical conditions.

  • Exudative

Exudative detachment occurs when the fluid starts getting collected beneath the retina. Although this condition won’t make any tear or hole in the retina. The problem is going to get triggered due to age-related issues, an inflammatory disorder, eye injury, or tumors.

Some of the risk factors are people who have had an eye injury, above the age of 50, family history, undergone eye surgery in the past, any type of eye-related issue, extreme myopia, and one eye have a retinal detachment.