What happens on the day of the undergoing LASIK procedure in India?

Lasik Eye Surgery
LASIK eye surgery

What happens on the day of the undergoing LASIK procedure in India?

  • October 10, 2020


Deciding to undergo the LASIK is a life-changing decision. If you are deciding to experience clearer vision through LASIK eye surgery, you are probably excited about the prospect of breaking the need for using contacts or glasses. Normally, you need to be curious and even feel nervous about the treatment.


How to prepare for the LASIK surgery?

  • Depending on what type of contact lenses you need and whether you need to wear them overnight, contacts may change the corneal shape for around several weeks after you discontinue the contact lenses. This is the reason, you need to stop wearing the contact lenses before the pre-operative baseline exam and before the day of undergoing the surgery.
  • At Least one week before the surgery, you need to stop wearing the contacts. After the surgery, the LASIK specialist will give you specific instructions on the set timeline you need to stop wearing the contact lenses.
  • Before the procedure, you do not need to fast. You can take the medications but make sure to inform the health provider in the first place. Make sure that you do not consume alcohol on the same day of the surgery.
  • Before LASIK, you should not wear eye makeup and avoid using perfume before the surgery. Make sure you dress in casual wear and prefer to wear comfortable clothes.

 What happens when you arrive for the surgery?

The entire procedure takes around 15 minutes for both eyes. On the day of surgery, it is best to spend around 2 hours as all the paperwork needs to be done, and some preoperative medications need to be taken. For maximal comfort, you will be given numbing eye drops and antiseptic solutions.

During the LASIK procedure

  • You will be lying down on a surgical bed, and to reduce the head movements the contoured headrest is cradled to the head and neck. Do not worry, if the eyes move, the laser will follow the eye as the laser has the tracking system.
  • Numbing eye drops are going to decrease the urge to blink. At one time, one eye will be covered. The surgeon will monitor the eye movement with surgical microscopes attached to the laser treatment. The target light is used to maintain the direction of gauze during the treatment.
  • The programmed laser sequences which are based on the movement will gather the data from the preoperative exam and reshape the cornea for vision correction.
  • During the treatment, you will be aware of the sound and new smells that are caused by the operating laser. LASIK tissue helps with the reshaping process.

Will LASIK affect the eye movement?

Some patients worry that LASIK will impact the vision. Keep in mind, the surgeon will monitor the eye movement with LASIK with the eye-tracking software. Till the time-optimal eye position is not achieved the laser treatment sequences will not start.