How does COVID-19 affect our eyes? How can we protect them from the infection?

How does COVID-19 affect our eyes How can we protect them from the infection
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How does COVID-19 affect our eyes? How can we protect them from the infection?

  • May 18, 2021


Covid-19 affects our eyes in significant ways. The following mentioned questions have been answered by the best eye specialists of the Brar eye care which is recognized as the best eye hospital in Ludhiana.

What if the covid-19 droplets enter your eye?

The mucous membrane which is present on the surface of the eye seems more prone to catch the infection. So if any of the infected droplets enter your eye through any means, then your eyes can get afflicted since there is no guarding component that may prevent the eyes from getting affected by the infection.

A piece of advice

You are suggested not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth without sanitizing your hands or washing them nicely with the germ-killing soap.

How can you decrease the chances of getting infected with the infection?

Cleaning your eyes with water should be done after 2 or 3 days. By doing it daily you may end up damaging your natural protective barriers that may lead to the risk of the infection.

In case, you are facing irritation or redness in the eyes, then by using the over the counter artificial tears, the symptoms may get alleviated.

Should you wear lenses in this pandemic?

The lenses should be avoided since the people who wear the contacts are deemed to be having a higher risk of developing the infection. But if you can resist your urge to touch your eyes and rub them, then you can rely on the contacts. Otherwise, you should count on your glasses which is the safest way to go along with.

A little piece of advice

If you wear contacts and encounter irritation and redness, then immediately discontinue the wearing and contact any of the reputed ophthalmologists.

Which warning sign is experienced when the individual has somehow developed the infection?

If the eye has caught the COVID infection, then pink eye or conjunctivitis is observed. This is the customary and most observed symptom in COVID patients. This condition is defined as the ocular manifestation in medical science terms.

Up to what extent does COVID can affect your eyes?

The optical nerves may get damaged permanently if the patient is thoroughly distressed from the respiratory disorders and is deprived of oxygen.

What if you are immunosuppressed?

The immunosuppressed patients are more prone to catch the infection. In that case, it becomes necessary to maintain sufficient physical distancing from the people around.

Which important measures should you follow to avoid getting infected with the virus?

  • Do not touch your eyes or rub them in any condition. The girls who love to apply the kajal and mascara should discontinue the application for some time as its application requires touching of the eyes.
  • Do not use the non-prescribed eye drops as they may contribute to the infection.
  • Try to switch to a healthy diet by avoiding consuming something oily, fried and extremely spicy.

In case you notice any symptom of conjunctivitis, immediately report to us. We shall put significant effort to stop this deadly virus from spreading.