Black fungus: What is black fungus? How does it affect your eye health?

What is black fungus How does it affect your eye health
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Black fungus: What is black fungus? How does it affect your eye health?

  • May 26, 2021


Stay Home and Stay Safe!

India is dealing with the second wave of COVID-19. Even before the 3rd wave, we are hearing horror stories about ‘Black fungus’. As people are learning and taking protective measures to deal with COVID-19, along with that it is important to understand the severity of black fungus. Black fungus is extremely harmful to eye health. In this blog, we have mentioned it in detail.

What is black fungus?

Black fungus is also known as Mucormycosis. In medical terms, it is an advanced state of fungal infection that enters our body through the nose. Moreover, it is extremely harmful to eye health.

You can say that it is omnipresent like you can see it on the old cupboards, desk which is not used for a long time, on books, or even stale bread. Even, in the air you breathe in it is present. Before COVID-19, there was no harmful effect of black fungus on our health. As it is affecting our immunity, it is important to take all the necessary measures on time.

All our medical specialists are giving their best to effectively manage the condition with timely treatment. Your doctor might suggest certain medications and surgical removal to take out this infection.

Why black fungus is increasing all of a sudden?

COVID-19 deadly virus is affecting an individual immunity due to which there is an increased risk of fungal infection and bacterial infection. Moreover, there are many health issues and one of them being diabetes. It is believed that diabetic patients are at increased risk of black fungus.

As the COVID-19 cases are on the rise and do the need of medications or steroids. In addition, the decrease in oxygen level also needs the right kind of therapy. Due to all this, a person’s immunity goes down which increases the risk of black fungus. One of the notable signs of black fungus is nasal congestion.

How does it affect the eyes?

In most cases, people notice the eyelid getting dropped. Due to fungus, the nasal cavity gets affected and then it reaches the eye socket. In such cases, the patient might notice the symptoms like:

  • Blurred vision
  • Double Vision
  • Complete Blindness

After the symptoms have occurred within 1 or 2 days, the eyes start bulging. For this condition, the doctor will suggest you treatment like:

  • Intravenous amphotericin B
  • Extensive sinus debridement
  • Orbital exenteration to prevent intracranial (brain cavity), which is a progression of infection.

Can black fungus be treated?

The black fungus can be treated. You simply need to get diagnosis and treatment done on time. This is the only way in which your life can be saved. Your eye health is extremely important, so, make sure that you do not take it lightly. If not treated at right time, then it can lead to the following problem:

  • The fungus will enter the oral cavity
  • Teeth get loose, which leads to fracture

Diabetic patients need to keep a check on their sugar level, decrease the use of steroids, nasal drops should be limited to 2 to 3 times a day.

Be aware of the issue and we can together deal with it.