Expectations from the LASIK procedure

Expectations from the LASIK procedure
LASIK eye surgery

Expectations from the LASIK procedure

  • August 7, 2021


LASIK surgery is the standard vision correction surgery for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. According to the best eye specialists, “LASIK procedure aims at reshaping the front surface of the eye so that it becomes convenient for the eyes to maintain focus on the retina without the need to wear glasses and contact lenses.” The LASIK procedure at Brar Eye Centre, the best eye hospital in Ludhiana, can be accomplished within 15 minutes for the treatment of both eyes. With the Lasik procedure, the patient can surely experience immediate vision improvement. The vision usually gets better within 24 hours.

Use Of Essential Tools During The Lasik Procedure

MicrokeratomeExcimer Laser
A microkeratome is one of the mechanical surgical tools, which helps in the creation of the thin and circular flap in the cornea.
With the help of the excimer laser, the corneal stroma can be reshaped. With the help of the cool ultraviolet light beam, the microscopic tissues are aimed to get withdrawn.

What should you expect from the procedure?

Expectation To Keep Before The Procedure

  • The eye doctor will perform the eye exams so that it can be determined whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure or not.

During the exam, the examination of the surface will take place which will make sure that you are not on the verge of risk of experiencing dry eye after the procedure.

  • You are not supposed to wear the contact lenses before the procedure as it will interfere with the natural shape of the cornea.

Expectations To Keep During The Procedure

  • Just before the procedure, you will be administered the eye drops which will not allow you to feel troubled with any kind of discomfort.
  • To keep your eyelids open, the use of the lid speculum will be taken into account.
  • To prevent the loss of contact, the application of the suction ring, to make sure that the quality of the corneal flap is not getting deteriorated will be taken into account.
  • You may be asked to keep on looking at the decided target for the said time. During this activity, the laser will efficiently send the light pulses to the cornea.
  • The pulses of the laser light accomplish the motive of reshaping the cornea. When this has happened, you may or may not feel some heaviness in the eye
  • When the surgery is completed, the surgeon will make you rest for some time. You may run into sensations like burning and itching after the procedure, but you should know that these are temporary sensations. Not only this, but you can also surely encounter blurriness and haziness in the vision.

Expectation After The Procedure

  • You will not be allowed to drive home after the surgery.
  • You can go to work the following day, but you are advised to give your eyes some rest and thus you should take off for 2 to 3 days.
  • The doctor will keep on calling you for follow-up sessions to test your vision.