Do you know about the difference between glaucoma and the cataract?

Do you know about the difference between glaucoma and the cataract?
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Do you know about the difference between glaucoma and the cataract?

  • March 11, 2021


All of us must have heard about the two most prominent causes of blindness – One being glaucoma and the other being cataract. According to the best eye specialist in Ludhiana, both of these eye disorders must be detected at an initial stage because the aggravation of these disorders would lead to blindness which is curable in some cases, not all cases. If you are facing any of the symptoms which are mentioned below, then it is advised not to neglect it and visit an eye hospital in Ludhiana at your earliest.

What is the meaning of glaucoma and how is it caused?

As we all know that our eyes contain a fluid that is popularly known as aqueous humour in scientific terms. When this fluid becomes older, it is supposed to leave the eye and is replaced with the new fluid. But owing to some condition when the fluid is restrained from movement and is blocked in the eye, then it exerts pressure on the eye and it is relevant to mention here that the pressure is exerted from inside which in the initial stage is not experienced but it becomes evident when the pressure starts making your vision hazy and blurry after intervals.


  • Unable to see things clearly after a particular area
  • Experiencing blurry vision and the halos
  • Suffering from intense eye pain
  • Redness of the eye

Glaucoma risk factors

  • People whose age is more than 60, are at the risk of getting afflicted with glaucoma.
  • If any member of your family ever suffered from glaucoma, then you should get yourself checked because this problem could be genetic.

Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor takes the following diagnostic measures into account to detect glaucoma:

  • Dilation of your pupil will be taken into account
  • The pressure of your eyes will be tested

The treatment measures are based on the intensity of the problem

  • If it is not intense, then medicated drops would do the thing.
  • If the intensity of the problem is of aggravated nature, then surgery should be carried out.

What are cataracts?

We know that the lens is accountable for projecting images to the retina to create the vision. When the problem of cataract has come into existence then, the proteins of the eyes have fragmented and are stuck together in an orderly way which is clouding the lens and is distorting your vision.


  • Blurry and double vision
  • Experiencing pale and faded colours
  • Extreme sensitivity to light

Cataract risk factors

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Accustomed to the use of the steroids
  • Not maintaining an ideal weight
  • Accustomed to intake the alcohol regularly nad that particularly in huge amounts

Diagnosis and treatment

For diagnosing the cataract, the doctor inserts two to three medical drops in your eyes that are specially designed to dilate your eyes. After your eyes are significantly open, then the doctor can ascertain if it is the problem of a cataract that is blocking the vision or not.

Preventing cataracts

  • Protect your eyes from excessive exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Incorporate a healthy diet plan
  • Go for regular eye checkups


Eye health is crucial so do not neglect taking regular appointments from your ophthalmologist.