What are the steps to read the eyeglass prescription and numbers correctly?


What are the steps to read the eyeglass prescription and numbers correctly?

  • March 17, 2021


So, you have received the glass prescription, but you are not sure what all the numbers mean. Whenever you get the eye test at the best eye hospital in Ludhiana, you will be assessed for the glasses prescription. Through the assistance of the best eye specialist will help you understand better the precise description and lens correction to let you see clearly. The prescription shows the patient is hyperopic and the eyes lens is needed to correct the vision.

What does the table mean?

While the eye examination is being done, the optometrist will take into account the accurate notes which are measured for each eye.

Sph (Sphere)

This is the number which you might recognize. If you wear glasses, then you might know the lens powder number which might be plus or minus. Through sphere value, the strength is described along with the correction it needs.

For instance, if the number is -2.75 then you are short-sighted and there will be problems viewing the distant objects.

The patients which are of high prescriptions over +/- 4.00, might need to get the BVD (Back Vertex Distance).

Cyl (cylinder)

The cylinder value is linked to astigmatism and helps in knowing about the curvature deviation of the eyeball. Through Cyl, it helps in telling the precise changes which will help you see clearly.


Both Cyl and Axis work in a pair and one without another is not going to work. Its value lies between 1 and 180 degrees.

Prism and Base

If the eye muscles are not working in a team, then prism and base will help in correcting them. The prism value is the number that can move to 0.5 increments.

How are near and distance prescriptions different?

  • Minus powder lens is needed for the short-sighted and the glass has thicker edges and thinner middle.
  • For the long-sighted, there is a need to get the plus power lens and the lens in the glass might look thicker in the middle and with thicker edges.

By consulting the optometrist will be able to tell you about the prescription you need to get. They will help you select the correct frame for the prescription and talk you through about the additional extras.

What should I do if my vision is changing?

If the prescription has changed with time then most likely we need to change the lens strength. The rate at which the prescription changes will depend on your age. Children often get the issue of short-sightedness and presbyopia will develop around the age of 45. By getting the proper eye examination will help you to check the eye’s health. The best eye specialist will give you the right kind of technology and look for the possible signs which might be creating issues with your vision.

How do I get ‘20/20 vision’?

The short answer is you should wear glasses and contact lenses which helps you to have 20/20 vision. For more information, book your appointment today only.


What are the top tips to make most of your child’s eye care appointments?

  • March 15, 2021


If you are going to take your child to the best eye specialist, then you must be prepared for the appointment. Amid COVID-19, when you are planning to visit the eye hospital in Ludhiana, you should be careful about everything. Let’s talk you through the tips to make the most of your child’s eye care appointment.

Tips to consider when you visit for the eye care appointment

Get to ask as many questions as you have in your mind

  • When you visit the eye clinic will allow you to discuss your child’s vision with the ophthalmologist. This is the time you should ask away all your concerns or raise any question which comes to your mind.
  • During the initial consultation, you will be busy as different tests need to be done and everything should be discussed with the doctor. Before you visit for the appointment, it is important to write down all the questions you have in your mind, so that you do not miss out on anything.
  • During the appointment, all your concerns will be addressed by the team. Also, every little detail will be told to you and additional help will prove fruitful to you.

Our hospital team asked our patients about different ideas and we have shared them here for you to help you plan better.

  • What is the problem named as? Can you spell it for me?
  • What are the reasons for the issue and can you please explain them?
  • How will the problem affect my child’s vision?
  • What can be done to cure the condition or prevent it? How can I help my child? Is there a need to get special treatment?
  • Is there anything that my child needs to avoid?
  • Will the treatment get worse with time or it will stay the same?
  • When should I get my child for an examination again?
  • Do you have any further on the subject? Can I please take it to read further about the problem?

No question is wrong. If there is anything else that comes to your mind, then note it down with this list.

What questions should I ask my Child’s orthoptist?

Some of the questions which you should ask are:

  • Are the lenses or glasses gonna help? Should my child wear them?
  • Is there anything special that will help my child to see properly?
  • According to you, how well my child can see:
  • At a distance?
  • In color?
  • In the dark?
  • With 3D vision?
  • With movement?
  • In bright light?
  • In the light?
  • To the side?
  • Is there anything I can do to encourage my child to improve their vision? How can I help them to make the best use of their sight?

You should discuss how your child’s vision can be an issue at their school or nursery. What support they need to get at that place. No matter what is your concern, ask it freely with your doctor. Schedule your appointment to know more.


What are the roles of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene in maintaining healthy eyes?

  • February 26, 2021


We cannot ignore the role of diet in the care of our eyes. It does not matter how many router precautions we are taking like the use of eye drops and washing sour eyes. Everything will be in vain if we do not follow the proper diet plan necessary to sustenance the health of our eyes. The Best eye specialist has proposed the benefits of intaking Foods that are rich in either Vitamin A or Beta Carotene. It is relevant to mention here that the individuals should get an appointment at an eye hospital in Ludhiana for an eye check-up at least thrice in six months.

  • Role of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is quintessentially vital for sustaining the health of the eyes. The importance of Vitamin A lies in the factor that the cells which are present in the eyes can only function efficiently if Vitamin A which is a fat-soluble vitamin will be present in the body in required amounts. Vitamin is accountable for safeguarding the preeminent elements of the eye’s – cornea and retina. Youth nowadays has to spend a plenteous time in front of the screen. Besides, after digitalization, the use of computers has not been restricted to a particular employee in a company. Everyone has to use it for carrying out their jobs.

So one should eat foods that are highly rich in Vitamin A which are as follow:

  • Beef and Lamb liver
  • Liver Sausage
  • Cod liver oil
  • Butter & Limburger Cheese
  • Feta Cheese
  • Cheddar
  • Blue and cream cheese
  • Beta carotene

Beta carotene is a red pigment and orange in colour. This pigment is ordinarily found in fruits and vegetables which are of different colours.

The predominant use of beta carotene comes into existence when it is converted into vitamin A. Beta carotene cannot be used by the eyes in its original form. Our eyes can only respond to vitamin A. Beta carotene is not only carotenoid but is also an essential antioxidant that is required by our eyes.

The following mentioned food is exceptionally rich in Beta carotene:

  • Apricots & Asparagus
  • Broccoli, Carrots & Chinese cabbage
  • Chives, Dandelion leaves & Grapefruit
  • Herbs and spices & Ketchup
  • Ketchup & margarine
  • Onions, Peas & Peppers
  • Plums, Spinach & Sweet Potatoes
  • Squash

Many supplements are available in the markets if in the case your diet is not able to benefit you with this nutrient. But if the individual will consult the experienced eye specialist, then they would not be facing any problem related to the deficiency of the nutrients which are required to maintain a healthy body.


If you consult with the expert eye doctors in Brar Eye clinic, you will feel a significant difference in our diet plans because our diet plans are considerably based on the amount of deficiency that is there in the body and which foods are to be consumed in what amounts. So if you are ready to experience the change, then contact us.