What are the topmost and possible risk factors of developing glaucoma?


What are the topmost and possible risk factors of developing glaucoma?

  • August 2, 2021


Glaucoma is one of the eye conditions which increases the risk of individuals developing glaucoma. For the health and safety of your eyes, you must choose the best Eye Specialist. Doing so will make sure that your eyes get the best care it deserves. Brar Eye Care Centre is one of the well-known Eye Hospital In Ludhiana offering the best medical treatment to the patients.

Now! If we talk about glaucoma then it is important to understand that everyone is at risk of getting this condition. Although, some people are at higher risk and this is the reason they need to get a complete eye examination which includes eye dilation. Make sure that you get a routine follow-up with your eye doctor and get your eye screened to look for the potential problem.

Who is at an increased risk of glaucoma?

  • People over the age of 60

Glaucoma is one of the conditions which is common in older people. So, if you are or someone you know is above the age of 60 then you are likely to have this condition.

  • African Americans

Following cataracts, glaucoma is one of the common conditions diagnosed in individuals. It is one of the common reasons for blindness in African Americans. Studies have shown that these people are at 6 times higher risk of getting glaucoma.

  • Family history

One of the common types of this condition is open-angle glaucoma which is a hereditary condition. It means if someone is known to have this condition then you will be at increased risk. Studies have shown that it increases the risk 4 to 9 times.

  • Steroid users

One of the studies has shown that if someone uses steroids then their chances to have glaucoma will be higher. In addition, such people are likely to use a puff of steroid inhaler by 14 to 35 to control their asthma. Just make sure that to take such a high dose you consult the doctor.

  • Eye Injury

Yes! Even an eye injury can increase your risk of getting glaucoma. In such cases, the patients will get secondary open-angle glaucoma. This type can occur right after you had an injury or years later you had the injury.

Sometimes an injury can result in a bruise or it can penetrate the eyes which can affect the eye drainage system. In such a case, the individual is likely to experience traumatic glaucoma.

  • Additional risk factors

Apart from these, other risk factors increase a person’s chances to have glaucomas like hypertension, central corneal thickness which is less than 5 mm, and high myopia (nearsightedness).

Consult the eye doctor at the earliest

If you have any of the above-mentioned risk factors or you have not got your regular eye checkup done in a while then make sure that you consult the doctor at the earliest. Feel free to talk about any concern which comes to your mind. Our doctor is only here for you to give your eyes the best medical treatment and preventive care it deserves.