Everything you should know about the cataracts and its treatment

Cataract surgery

Everything you should know about the cataracts and its treatment

  • May 29, 2021


With an increase in age, cataract problems are commonly experienced by people. But the timing of when you get afflicted with cataracts quintessentially depends upon the lifestyle. Cataracts are formed with the hardening of the clear lens. And when this happens, they become cloudy. The symptoms of cataracts are not the same with every person.

So as you may guess, that today we are going to talk about cataracts:

How can cataracts come into origin?

Cataracts come into origin if:

  • You ever suffered from any kind of the eye injury
  • You take several kinds of the medications
  • You have diabetes
  • You spend a lot of time in the sun

Does every cataract-bothered patient need to undergo surgery?

According to the best eye specialist of the Brar eye care centre, not every person who is suffering from cataracts needs to undergo a surgical procedure. The doctor will only recommend you with cataract surgery, your quality of life is getting affected because of the vagueness in the vision.

Which points should you consider before undergoing cataract surgery?

  • Is the cataract problem making your daily life worse?

Point to note

The vision requirements of a professional vehicle driver are completely different from IT professionals.

Usually, the people with cataracts complains encounter the following problems:

  • Difficulty in driving ( As the individual fails to focus on the road)
  • Difficulty in reading and writing ( In this case, the vision keep son getting hazy when you attempt to write or read something)
  • At what rate do cataracts progress?

The cataracts progress at a very slow speed. But in the rarest case, the speed may be a little rapid.

For example, patients who have suffered from an eye injury, are prone to get afflicted with cataracts within a few weeks or months.

  • Can glaucoma and cataract together bother the patient?

If you are diagnosed with both cataracts and glaucoma, then you are at risk of getting suffered from a variety of diseases. Sp the doctor will surely recommend you with the cataract surgery, as it can help to lower the pressure exerted on the eyes.

Important information

If the doctor diagnoses your glaucoma to have progressed in an advanced stage, then you may have to undergo both cataract and glaucoma surgery simultaneously.

Does delaying the cataract surgery cause a negative impact?

You can delay it for a short period like 1 or 2 weeks. But you should not be delaying it for so long like the months and years. The reason behind this is the hardening of the cataract as time passes. The hardened cataracts are too difficult to be removed.

Bottom Line

If you experience any abnormality in your vision, then you should not ignore it. As the progression of eye diseases can lead to permanent eye damage. But you should make sure that you are consulting the well-qualified and trained ophthalmologist as he has the skills to speedily rehabilitate from the particular problem.