Can cataracts be reversed without surgery and is there a natural cure?

Can cataracts be reversed without surgery and is there a natural cure?
Cataract surgery

Can cataracts be reversed without surgery and is there a natural cure?

  • March 4, 2021


Do you know?

With age, Cataracts are common. By the time an individual is 65, they develop cataracts. The chances are increased by the time you are 40. The chances are hiked by 50% when you are 80. Consulting the best eye specialist, without any negligence will make you understand your condition. Do not delay the urgency to visit the best Eye Hospital In Ludhiana if you notice any unwanted symptoms.

Is it possible to reverse cataracts without surgery?

During the cataract surgery, the age-related cataract tissue is removed and water-soluble compound. One other compound named Lanosterol has been studied to be the solution of cataracts. In all, there is no non-surgical cure for cataracts.

Is it possible to cure cataracts naturally?

Currently, no natural cure is available and its progression does not slow down. However, you can make certain changes to the lifestyle which includes:

  • Undergo regular eye examination

Without any delay visit for the eye examination. This allows to detect and treat eye issues.

  • Stop the intake of hazardous substances

You need to stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Make sure that you manage your health. Diabetic people and the ones who consume alcohol are at increased risk of cataracts.

  • Eat greens and fresh fruits

Your diet needs to be filled with minerals and vitamins. By doing so, the risk of cataracts will be reduced.

Will eye drops cure cataracts?

NO, studies have shown the effectiveness of treating cataracts like surgery. Although studies are there, still it needs to confirm that the other treatment options are as effective as cataracts.

Is it possible to slow down the cataract’s progression?

No, research has shown any possible way to slow down the cataract progression. Apart from that, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. It is highly advised not to use steroid eye drops. Before taking any medications make sure to talk to the doctor, as sometimes it can result in cataract progression.

What if you do not get the cataract treated?

Cataract surgery is not the first option for the patients. They do not reach the point where they impact life. On the other hand, it might get worse with time and you won’t be able to carry on with your daily task.

If you do not get the treatment then vision reduction will increase. This condition can lead to total blindness or legal blindness. Getting a regular eye examination will help to make your condition better. Make an appointment without any delay.

Is it possible to reverse cataract blindness?

It is possible to reverse cataract blindness and with the implementation of the intraocular lens.

How do you know if there is a need for cataract surgery?

The best option is to talk to the specialist and find out which option is best for you. Through proper consultation, you will understand better what treatment plan you need to get. Let us help you solve your eye issue with on-time diagnosis and treatment.